News & Events

2014/9 Welcome new students Qianqian Fu, Yitong Jiang, Kefa Sheng and Xiaojie Wu
2014/6 Dongpeng got his M.S. degree in Inorganic Chemistry
2014/4 Prof. Ge is appointed as a member of Council of Nano Materials and Nano Devices, Chinese Materials Research Society.
2014/3 "Mechanochromic Photonic Gel" is highlighted by Nature.
2014/1 Prof. Ge is appointed as a member of Committee of Young Scientist Committee, Chinese Chemical Society.
2013/9 Welcome new students, Siyun Ye, Bo Wei, Xueteng Liu.
2013/9 Yiwu got his Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry
2013/3 You Liang and Liu Jing got their M.S. degree in inorganic chemistry
2012/12 Liu Jing was awarded with "Dow Scholarship"
2012/12 You Liang was awarde with "National Awards for Graduate Students"
2012/9 Welcome new students, Yuqi Zhang, Nating Yang and Fei Pang.
2012/8 Our group move to East China Normal University in Summer.
2012/4 Prof. Ge gave oral presentation "Magnetic Assembly of Nonmagnetic Nanostructures in Ferrofluid and Its Application in Photonic Display" and "Invisible Photonic Printings Shown by Water" in the symposium of Nano Chemistry, 28th Chinese Chemical Society Meeting, SiChuan University, Chengdu.
2012/3 Ruyang got M.S. Degree of Inorganic Chemistry
2011/12 Ruyang was awarded with "GuangHua Scholarship"
2011/11 "Invisible Photonic Printings" is highlighted by Chemistry World, RSC
2011/9 Welcome new student, Dongpeng Yang, Yuhang Qin, Ying Mei, and Tianyi Wang.
2011/6 Dr. Jiangying Li was supported by the 49th Postdoctoral Research Fund.
2010/9 Welcome new student, Yiwu Mao, Liang You, and Jing Liu, and Dr. Jiangying Li .
2010/6 Prof. Ge gave an invited talk "Magnetic assembly of colloidal photonic crystal and investigation of its display properties" in the symposium of Nano Chemistry, 27th Chinese Chemical Society Meeting, XiaMeng University, Xiamen.
2010/2 Welcome the first graduate student, Ruyang Xuan.
2009/9 Prof. Ge came to Dept. Chem, Tongji Univ.